Thursday, January 26, 2012

Work Table

I love Pinterest! I am getting so many neat ideas from the site but it also motivates me to do them. I have been in need of a work table for years. Since I have my own upholstery business, I really needed one. I had designed one in my head but never got around to doing it. Then I saw a work table on Pinterest that motivated me to make one. Well, I should say, get my husband to make me one! He is a busy man, so the best way to get one was to tell him that I wanted one for Christmas.

The table on Pinterest used book shelves as the end bases and then the table top was made out of doors. I bought 4 shelving units from Menards; two have cubbyholes and two have straight shelves

Here is my sweet husband putting the shelving together.

He then screwed the units together and put two 30" doors for the top. He anchored the doors to the units to make it sturdy.
Here is the end with the book shelf units. I also ordered a cutting mat to fit the top. I ordered the size 5' X 8' and then we had to cut it down to fit.

Here is the other end with the cubbyhole units.

I had him add a lower shelf between the two ends so I would have a place to store all my rolls of fabric. The pinterest table was made with shorter shelving but I really like it tall. I am only 5'4" but I can either just sit on the bar stools or when I am standing and measuring/cutting fabric, I do not have to lean over so really saves on my back.

The final touch was adding a grid under the cutting mat. It is AWESOME! It is so easy to measure and cut when I have this grid. I used permanent marker to write measurements so it is easy to measure out my fabric.

And here it is! I LOVE IT! I can't even begin to tell you how fun it is to do projects on it. I will be blogging about the Roman shades I made (another Pinterest idea) and let me tell you, doing it on this work table was a joy!