Monday, November 14, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Madelyn

Emily wanted a birthday shirt for Maddy's 2nd birthday which is coming up on Nov. 22. I found a cute skirt on the 75% off rack at The Children's Place that ended up only costing $6.00. I bought two skirts so that I would have one to cut up to use in the applique. Here is her 2 yr. old shirt.

And now the total outfit with the cute corduroy skirt.

I decided to do another shirt that was not personalized so later her baby sister will get to wear it. Also, thought that she would wear the skirt more if it had a neutral shirt to go with it. I also took some extra material and made rosettes for her hair that I hot glued hair clips to them.


  1. Can you do a blog post on how you made the little rosettes?? I can't quite see them in the picture to see how they're made. :)