Friday, October 28, 2011

Fun Top!

So today when I should have been working on beauty shop chairs, (so dislike to do) I got side tracked with this skirt. Trisha bought this skirt at Banana Republic on the sale rack. Looks cute on my dress form but it did not look good on any of us. So Trisha was giving/throwing it away. WHAT? Not a skirt from Banana Republic! So I had the idea that it would make a cute strapless top. Now the girls did not reject the idea totally but there was doubt in their eyes.

The problem with pulling it up and using as a shirt was the pockets on each side. They gaped open when done this way. In fact, they gaped open when worn as a skirt too, so that was one of the problems as a skirt. So I cut the pockets off as shown in the picture and just sewed up the sides.
And here it is...on my dress form with a belt and necklace added. Definitely needs a belt to help with the fullness. Once done, I decided it would be cute on Jayney, so this is being sent to you, Jayney, to wear.

Now that Jayney is getting it, I know how she likes flowers on her clothes so thought that would be a nice touch. I had seen a site for making flowers out of old t-shirts so decided to try one on my own. Here it is added to the shirt. My next blog will show you this easy flower to make along with some feather flowers.


  1. Thanks! It needed the belt to make it work!

  2. Hmmm maybe I should have put claim to it;)-

  3. Em, what happened to your skirt like this? If you still have it, we can change it too.