Friday, October 28, 2011

T-shirt flower and feather flowers

I had seen a site for this t-shirt flower and I pinned it on my board on my Pinterest, so go to my board or here is the site location.
She gives great instructions on how to do it and it was really simple. She gives you 3 ways to attach and I think the glue gun is the only way to go, being that it dries so fast.

Now, having a husband who is into running, biking, triathlons and races, he has tons of t-shirts! I had gone through and pulled out lots of t-shirts and put them in my give away drawer. Fortunately, I had not given them away yet, the main reason to make sure Mark didn't miss any of them (which he didn't). Now if you think he is going to find out I cut up his shirt after reading this blog, don't worry, he walked in on me doing it and thought I was very clever in my recycling. This is the one I made for the strapless shirt. You see it here with feathers but in the end decided not to add them.Now for my next flowers made of feathers! So my dog, Mercy, has a problem in going out back and the only way to do that is to go out with her. And what better time to do it then when I was talking on the phone. So Mercy is out doing her thing and I am chatting on the phone with Trisha, when I look down and see a beautiful Blue Jay feather! As I walked around chatting I found more and more; either there is a very naked Blue Jay or most likely a dead one. Since Old Oliver the cat is no longer living, I can't blame him for the dead bird. Must have been one of his buddies that still come around looking for him. off track there...Trisha and I are talking and I exclaim that I have all these beautiful feathers that I need to find a way to use them so I can blog it. So here it is...

My feather flowers for my granddaughters...a big one for Miss Riah and a little one for either Maddy or her baby sister Ariana. I just cut them and hot glued them to a small round shape of white felt. Then I hot glued pearl buttons I found in my button box and glued a hair clip to the back.


  1. I really like the t-shirt flower, that turned out well!

  2. From the picture it doesn't even look like t-shirt fabric!

  3. It has a felt look. Plan to make some for the three little girls.

  4. Yay for flowers! I love both of those ideas, never would have guessed that was an old t-shirt. Excited about that bluejay bow!!!