Monday, October 31, 2011

Jello Worms

Okay, today is Halloween and I must confess one of my least favorite holidays. Now that the kids are gone, it's just me and Mercy to answer the door all evening and I'm sure Mercy is going to have mixed emotions; loves kids but their costumes just might freak her out. Now Mark is no help because he has a meeting tonight...who does that on Halloween..yep Mark!

Anyway, I am having fun making some (I hope) delicious food for supper from sites I have seen on Pinterest. I have a potato soup in the crock pot and plan to do one of those blossom looking breads. But for fun since it is Halloween, I decided to make the jello worms to surprise Mark.

Well, I clicked on the site and didn't find how to do it so I think, "how hard can it be?" So I make up my jello and start trying to fill each straw...ya right! It's sort of like nailing jello to a tree.So with my life's motto, "When all else fails, read the directions!" I got online and goggled jello worms. Here is a good site:

It tells to attach 100 straws together with a rubber band and put in an empty qt. milk container. I looked through my trash and found a plastic V8 juice bottle so I cut the top off and inserted my straws, by the way I did not count how many I had. I spooned the jello on top of the straws and refrigerated.
Now for the fun part...NOT! First was to cut away the plastic container which ended up being the easy part.Next was trying to get the jello out of the straws.The directions were of no help and if you think Mercy is looking worried, I think she was. I'm sure she is wondering if I was going crazy! Seriously, who thought up this idea anyway. My fingers were not only covered in blood looking jello but slimy and slippery as all get out. I am sure my arthritic finger has just advanced to the next stage. I finally got the brilliant idea to quickly run the straws under hot water and WOW that did the trick, they slid right out.

And here they are! Seriously gross looking! Well, Mark came home and well let's just say he hesitantly took a bite. Always the good sport, but think this one stretched him. He did say, "tastes good" but then it is jello.
And here is my crock pot potato soup. Mark said it was good but frankly, I have made better. It was a really easy recipe and used frozen hash browns that I already had in the freezer but don't think I will use it again. And for the blossom bread...that didn't happen, those silly worms took too long so Mark ended up with some rolls pulled from the freezer.
And now as I type this, I am sitting in the dark! Yep, ran out of Halloween candy! I know most of the kids that came are not from my neighborhood. I had so much candy too!!! Got to love this holiday! So my Halloween meal was can guess. Will I do the worms again...NO! Sorry Curtis, Colton, and Cannon, I really thought this would be a fun thing to do for you boys.

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