Sunday, October 30, 2011

Old "Granny" rocker to a Chic Zebra rocker

One look at this old rocker and what do you see? Dated? UGLY for sure! What I see is great BONES! What I mean by bones is that the frame has great potential to change into a stylish chair. I found this rocker in a second hand store in Salina, KS for $10. Wow, as I look at this pic I also see a very dated milk can in the background along with dated wall paper. Fortunately, those no longer grace my entryway but it does tell me how long I had this chair before I finally recovered it. Wallpaper and can have been gone for a long time, but guess I was just waiting (not procrastination) for the right home for it and the right person to see the vision with me and that person was no other than my stylish daughter, Emily. It now sits in her living room.
First thing I did, was remove the arms. After stripping, I added lots of Dacron padding and of course this awesome fabric. By taking away the front band that was on the old, I made one piece for the seat which gives a nice clean look. Also, did away with the buttons so as not to distract from the pattern.

Here is another chair that I recovered for a customer and did the exact same thing with it, removed arms, etc but she did want buttons in the back. This project would be an easy start for anyone interested in learning how to upholster.

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